Company Philosophy

The philosophy of Irish Bodycare/Skincare can be summed up in three words: Honesty, Quality and Service.

As a family run company, our aim is to provide high quality and long-lasting products containing natural ingredients harvested from sustainable sources, where possible.

The main active herbal ingredients are extracted in house by an old and trusted method.

We employ a number of staff in the research, manufacturing and quality assurance of our products to ensure that the company's philosophy is guaranteed.

Product quality is further ensured through rigorous research, either in-house or by independent testing by qualified chemists at the Institute of Technology, Carlow, or other Institutes of Technology in Ireland.

All formulations are tested on human volunteers. None of our products are tested on animals.

Our entire skincare range is tested to European cosmetic standards or to other recognized international standards.

We have always ensured that our products stand up to rigorous research and we have made a conscious effort not to follow market trends just for the sake of it. For instance, ingredients are added solely on the basis of their benefiting our products and only after thorough research has been conducted.

Irish Bodycare/Skincare products are available from retail outlets or mail order from our website.

In the UK the products are sold through selected independent pharmacies and health stores, rather than multi-national chains that may have imposed cost demands which we felt would have increased the price of our products.

It is our intention throughout the year to increase the number of retail outlets carrying our products, particularly in areas where we have a large number of mail-order customers. As we do this we will add details of these suppliers to our website. So keep checking in!

In the meantime you can order via this website.

Should you have any queries please contact us