Ultimate Protection

What makes Parasol special?

Silicon is the key ingredient in Parasol. This makes our products non-greasy and easy to apply.

Silicones are a very broad chemical family and not just a single material. Silicone is a generic term for Si-based materials. The most well-known structure is a polymer that contains silicon and oxygen atoms.

The use of silicones in skin care started as early as 1953 in a hand cream. From the 1980s onwards, the use of silicone materials expanded to all skin care segments. This was recognised as a turning point offering new possibilities while using organic materials.

Silicon Element
Parasol Skin absorbion

When applied to the skin, silicones form water vapour permeable films in the surface due to their relatively open and flexible chemical structure.

Silicones are recognized as multifunctional ingredients in a variety of skin care products. With their unique set of chemical and physical properties, these highly versatile materials can bring a wide array of benefits in skin care products.

They also have been optimized for improved flexibility, an important parameter for comfort of wear and film integrity. Their resistance to rub off is excellent.


The development of innovative sun care formulations allows excellent delivery of sunscreen actives.


  • Significantly boosts SPF across entire UV spectrum
  • Protection
  • Sensory and texture enhancers
  • Emollience and high spread-ability
  • Transient to long lasting effect
  • Wash off and transfer resistant